Re: NTUSER.DAT backups

1997-12-03 18:13:10
Subject: Re: NTUSER.DAT backups
From: "Prather, Wanda" <PrathW1 AT CENTRAL.SSD.JHUAPL DOT EDU>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 18:13:10 -0500

In your situation, it probably won't matter if you exclude those files
from backup.
NTUSER.DAT contains part of your NT profile.  (This is new in NT 4.0,
did not exist in NT 3.5.1).
Every user registered on the machine has an NTUSER.DAT file and an
NTUSER.DAT.log file.
If the user is logged on, these files are locked and you can't back them

NTUSER.DAT.log is not needed.
The NTUSER.DAT file does include your wallpaper, and for an NT
Workstation user, it may also include some things the user finds
important, like the profile settings for MSExchange.  You don't really
know for sure what will be in there, since it varies depending on what
software the user has installed and customized, and what that software
chooses to store in the registry.

In your case, I wouldn't worry about it.
Most people don't care if the profile for a server administrator doesn't
get backed up, because there is not much customization done under that
If you don't have NTUSER.DAT backed up because the user was logged on at
the time of the backup, nothing bad happens if you have to restore the
machine.  If the profile is lost, that user just gets the Default
profile at logon like a new user would, instead of his customized
profile.  The only things you would be missing in this case is some
desktop customization for Administrator.000 and OPR2952, which you don't
care about.

If you DID want to protect those profiles, you get around it by putting
a .bat file in the startup group of each user that contains:

        cd c:\adsmhomedir\baclient
        dsmc regback user curuser

This causes ADSM to run a logical backup of the user's profile (a backup
of the current user registry key) each time the user logs on.
Either a logical backup of the current user registry key, OR the
physical file backup of NTUSER.DAT can be used to restore the profile,
both are not necessary.

Wanda Prather
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
301-953-6000 X8769
wanda_prather AT jhuapl DOT edu

"Intelligence has much less practical application than you'd think."
              - Scott Adams/Dilbert

        From:   Julie Phinney[SMTP:jphinney AT humana DOT com]
        Sent:   Wednesday, December 03, 1997 3:15 PM
        To:     ADSM-L AT vm.marist DOT edu

        One of our Notes administrators reported to me that on one of
their Win NT
        servers they are getting annoying nightly failures showing up in
        event log for these files that are failing to back up:
        I think I asked a question out here about these type files
before, and I
        believe I was told that it meant someone was logged on at that
machine, and
        those were just fairly unimportant wallpaper-type configuration
files.  Our
        Notes admin says no one is logged on at that machine, and wants
to exclude
        them in the DSM.OPT.
        I have a couple questions ...
        1. What causes those files,normally, to not back up?  Is it only
        someone is logged on?
        2. Is it OK to just exclude them in the DSM.OPT?  I don't know
what we'd be
        missing if we didn't have them..
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