Re(2): ADSM requirements

1997-12-03 13:53:32
Subject: Re(2): ADSM requirements
From: Kai Hintze <Hintze.K AT AMSTR DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 10:53:32 -0800
Isn't there a requests list off IBM's page? If not there should be,
probably on a form that requests an importance rating and comments.

On Tue Dec 02 16:17:27 1997, jlawson AT THEHARTFORD DOT COM wrote:
> -
> Hey gang -
> Those who have been around the list for a while remember my gripe
> with requirements and submission of them - I won't repeat them
> here.
> But I did have an idea..... What if there was some way to track
> what requests had been submitted to IBM?  Dave Kalendarian has
> provided the number of the V3 for VM requirement.... What if we
> posted the information about a request to the list when we
> submitted one, so others would have a chance to say "Me
> too!"!  Or perhaps someone who can develop Internet web pages
> (I'm limited to Intranet) could build a page of the ones that had
> been supplied by other list members.....
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