Re: No enough space in recovery log

1997-12-03 07:34:43
Subject: Re: No enough space in recovery log
From: "Ole Wiese at Driftsfundament (Tel 7196)" <WIESE AT UNIBANK.DK400 DOT DK>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 13:34:43 +0100
Hi Julie

We are running ADSM 2.1 on MVS
We had the same problem in Release 1.

Question 1:  I have no idea why the log reduces when you do a stop/start off
the server.
                     I think he will synchronice the database when he goes
down, and therefore the                       recovery log will be empty
when he comes back to life.

Question 2: Something 'dirty' must fill up your recovery log.
                    The size off the recovery log depends on how big your
database is
                     We have defined 2.5 Gb recovery log and 5.2 Gb
Database. (We are in Roll                            Forward Mode)
                     10 % off your database should be enough for the
recovery log (Normal Mode)

Question 3: We did the following:
                    Enable the backuptrigger.
                    Whenever the recovery log reaches 80%, he will backup
the database, which
                     will empty the recovery log.

                   We haven't seen any problems concerning the recovery log
since this.

Ole Wiese
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