Moving Files from one Server to another...

1997-12-03 09:32:39
Subject: Moving Files from one Server to another...
From: Randy Hessey <RHessey AT EMCOLTD DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 09:32:39 -0500
I have been successfull in moving storage pools from one Server to
another using the EXPORT NODE/IMPORT NODE functions. Due to the volume
of data, I decided to do the move in 2 passes. The first pass to move
all BACKUP data, the second pass to move all ARCHIVE data. Upon
IMPORTing the ARCHIVE data the Filespaces were all renamed. I looked up
the RENAME FILESPACE command and it appeared to be what I needed to move
the archive data to the filespace it started out as, the doc for the
command describes my situation exactly. However the RENAME FILESPACE
will not allow a filespace to be renamed to an existing FILESPACE.

Is there any way to get my ARCHIVE data on the new server under the same
FILESPACE as the backup data?

Randy Hessey
EMCO Distribution Group
1108 Dundas Street,
London, Ontario

Email: RHessey AT EmcoLTD DOT Com
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