Re: ADSM SQL Connect Agent

1997-12-02 07:59:41
Subject: Re: ADSM SQL Connect Agent
From: Del Hoobler <hoobler AT US.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 07:59:41 -0500

You are correct. With version 1.1 of the ADSMConnect Agent For
MS SQL Server you cannot specify a wildcard for the "/BACKUPFULL"
or "/BACKUPINCR" commands.
If you are writing a script, you could run the "/SQLQUERYDB" command
to get a list of the current databases and use the results to
run your backups.  The "/SQLQUERYDB" command will return all defined
databases and their associated status.
If this is still a problem, please call IBM service to get this
reported through the support structure.

Del Hoobler
ADSM Agent Development

>> Is anybody using the ADSM SQL connect agent (V1.1) on NT?
>> My problem is how to schedule the SQL database backups.  Does anybody have an
>> example of a script they use to schedule database/transaction logs backup?

>> I can schedule a script to run the command line interface but there does not
>> seem to be a wild card character option in specifying the database name.  It
>> all very well writing a script to backup databases A, B and C but what if
>> somebody comes along and creates database D?

>> Is this restriction something that will be fixed in a future ptf (if so,
>> or is this to stay?
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