Novell NDS Backup

1997-12-02 00:45:51
Subject: Novell NDS Backup
From: "Jensen, Wayde" <Wayde.Jensen AT BCHYDRO.BC DOT CA>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 21:45:51 -0800
Sorry for my ignorance, but ADSM is new to me. Can someone explain to me
if ADSM can backup my NDS if the  ADSM client is not loaded on some of
my netware servers. My NDS tree is large (approx 120 organizational
Units) over a WAN. The way my partitions are setup, I have master
partitions on my main hub sites, so my campus doesn't have partition
info on it about my remote regions (traffic management). When I want to
backup my NDS does ADSM sniff its way through the whole tree? or do I
have to use extra perameters on the command line?

Any Help would be greatly appreciated..
                                            NCS  Desktop & LAN Services
                                                        Wayde Jensen
                                              ywayde.jensen AT bchydro DOT bc.c
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