Re: AS/400 & Notes performance

1997-12-01 10:47:08
Subject: Re: AS/400 & Notes performance
From: Rick Yohannsen <rickmac AT SMARTHUB DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 10:47:08 -0500
Some introspection - the IPCS was fierst made available as a 486 platform
and required an OS2 warp server hanging off the AS400. It is currently at
the Pentium (low MHz) level and will
seemingly be replaced by Notes 4.6 running native on the OS400! I would
recommend the native version. There will probably be an upgrade from the
Notes/IPCS to Native notes.

By the way Native Notes/OS400 just went into beta  @ Nov 11th 97.
Availability expected mid 1st qtr 98. This will have an impressive amount
of data integration utilites (as well as all of the other neat stuff that
comes with OS400).

There is a special promo in effect till end of year ... I'm not sure about
the exactness but I can put you in touch with the owner... "an F10 with
Notes installed and services" for xx dollars. This is to hold you over till
Notes/OS400 comes out.
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