NT Bare Metal Restores

2015-10-04 18:03:06
Subject: NT Bare Metal Restores
To: Jerry Lawson at ASUPO
Date: 11/26/97 12:00PM
I for one will definitely be interested in the results.

Jerry Lawson
jlawson AT thehartford DOT com

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Subject: NT Bare Metal Restores
Date:    11/26/97 12:00 PM

To All who are interested;

I have tried the Zip Drive booter program Jerry had talked about, and at
the current time they do NOT support NT.  They did not know when they
might, but it sounds like a great idea.  The zip drive booter will work
for Win95.

The NT Recover from, looks to be the most
promising.  We are ordering a full copy after looking at the eval.  I
believe we can follw IBM BMR instructions, and use a seperate NT
workstation instead of a seperate partition on the  down machine.  If
anyone is interested I can post my findings next week.  We are looking
at this because we are an ADSM business partner and don't believe the
suggested BMR solutions are good in an existing NT when moving it to

Thanks to Jerry for the info to get started.

Rod Richeson
AMX Systems, Inc.
rricheson AT amxinc DOT com
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