Licensing Issue...

1996-08-08 16:28:43
Subject: Licensing Issue...
From: Dwight Cook <decook AT AMOCO DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1996 15:28:43 -0500
     Ok, along the lines of licensing... say we have a node called
     "MAINNODE" and on that box we run production SAP... we backup misc
     files on that box under the name of "MAINNODE" but backup the
     production sap under the name "MAINSAP"... one physical box yet via
     license info it counts as two !  So with a production region, quality
     region, test region, technical region, production fix region, training
     region, development region, and a couple I can't remember... so
     keeping things to a minimum I have 7 machines that take up 14 adsm
     licenses... Now maybe the bean counters here have worked something out
     but little 'ol me just sees two licenses required...
     (then I dup. all the node definitions across our main and spare
     machine and I have 7 machines and 28 licenses... ARGH !!!)
     I've thought about cutting back the definitions on the spare adsm
     server and just having about 10 extra available in case the link to
     the main goes down and enable a few node admins to run commands that
     could define their nodes to the spare adsm server and perform backups
     where we would then export the data, delete the node and import it to
     the main server...
     No wonder I ran fast and far from accounting...
     and I really shouldnt complain because I would hate to have to manage
     our July traffic of 5.852 TERABYTES of data any other way....
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