Stalled 'restore volume'

1996-08-08 16:52:31
Subject: Stalled 'restore volume'
From: Bob Booth - CSO <booth AT CHIANTI.CSO.UIUC DOT EDU>
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1996 14:52:31 -0600
Does anyone have any experience with the 'restore volume' command?  We just
recently lost a tape (the DLT2000XT swallowed the entire tape then broke it
off inside).  We have completed an offsite backup with the 'backup stgpool'
command, so I brought the tapes back and issued a restore volume on the
tape that was 'destroyed'.  The restore volume has been sitting for hours
doing nothing.  It has only restored 5MB out of 26GB lost on the tape in
about 10 or so hours.

Is this normal?  Does this process usually take this long?

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