Dual Gripper, anyone?

1996-08-08 15:44:21
Subject: Dual Gripper, anyone?
From: Roberto Sep#lveda <rsepulv AT BVEMX.PPCO DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1996 14:44:21 -0500

So far I have learned the following on the subject of the Dual Gripper:

1. It costs ten thousand US dollars (in the US)

2. It reduces the capacity of your library by blocking out slots at the bottom
and the top of the library cabinets.

3. It is not used by ADSM.  It should be used by the Library Manager to
optimize its operations.  The quote below is from my PMR on IBMLink:

"This is a question for hardware.  The gripper is not controlled by
the sw.....   It is an optimizer function. (i.e microcode)
The dual gripper is only used during periods of high (as determined
by the LM) activity."

4. It allows the library manager to be configured to return a cartridge to a
slot different from the original slot when it decides it is the right thing to

5. There is an activity log in the library manager that records how many times
each gripper has been used.  Our activity log shows that gripper one was used
3299 times while gripper two was used 69 times.  I wonder how many of those 69
times were when the CE was checking out the functions of the gripper?!

Seems like a "no brainer" decision to me!

If you have a Dual Gripper installed, will you please post the number of times
each gripper gripped?

Roberto Sep#lveda
rsepulv AT ppco DOT com
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