Determining compression percentage, other ADSM/SMF questions.

1996-08-08 16:16:01
Subject: Determining compression percentage, other ADSM/SMF questions.
From: "Schumack, Wayne" <Wayne.A.Schumack AT NORWEST DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1996 14:16:01 -0600
First let me say I think that it is great that ADMS cuts SMF records.
 This is a big deal for us.

Now the questions...
Am I correct to assume that I can determine my compression percentage by
processing SMF type 42(16) records as follows:

Compression ratio=  amount of backed up files (kb)/amount of data
ed between client node and server.

If not how do I determine the ratio?  I need to know this information to
correctly size my primary storage pool (DASD) as we prepare to really
launch ADSM to back up desktops.

Are there better descriptions of the SMF 42(16) records to be found
anywhere?  The documentation in the Administrators guide is brief and
Merrill's MXG doesn't have much more..

Also, what causes the 'normal termination indicator' flag to be set?  I
have received a 0 when I thought the backup was good. Would a 'access
denied to file xxxx' msg cause ADSM to flag the backup as 'abnormal'?  If
I cancel a backup session ADSM seems to set this flag to 1  Is this

Anyone?    Thanks in advance.
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