Wierd Problem

1994-08-24 11:18:09
Subject: Wierd Problem
From: Martha McConaghy <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 1994 11:18:09 EDT
One of my users is having a wierd problem using ADSM and I need some advice.
At this point, I'm not sure its an ADSM problem or not.  Therefore, I'm
reluctant to call it in as a problem until I more information.

Here's the scoop: she is running OS/2 v2.0 with an unusual application named
Direct Talk2.  Its an IBM program which does text to voice conversion etc.
If she runs ADSM after booting the machine, it runs with no problem, even
if DT2 has been started.  However, on second and subsequent tries, ADSM
cannot access any files.  The dsmerror.log shows the following messages:

ANS4090E Access to the specified file or directory is denied
filespace(0394): fsCheckAdd: unable to stat local filespace

The output shows that 0 files were inspect, 0 backed up.

I'm fairly certain that this has to do with something that DT2 is doing, as
I haven't seen this on any other machines.  However, I can't find any
information on what "stat local filespace" means.  Any ideas on what could
be causing this?

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