DOS Administrative Client and Slowpoke Users

1994-08-18 15:51:29
Subject: DOS Administrative Client and Slowpoke Users
From: Lee Maschmeyer <lmaschm AT CMS.CC.WAYNE DOT EDU>
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 1994 15:51:29 EDT
I'm using the DOS administrative client DSMADMCF (just switched to version  This is the one that uses FTP Inc's stack.  Whenever the TCPIP
timelimit expires while I'm stopped at the MORE... screen, my PC locks up
just after trying to get the next screen.  I push <cr>, I get a
little data, the message that there was a TCPIP failure, the message saying
a session was established, a little random data, and then nothing.  I don't
get the ADSM> prompt, and none of my typed input such as QUIT shows on the
screen or has any effect.  I have to reboot, and I'm not sure whether a
warm boot always works.  This was also true on version 1.2.0 of the client,
though I don't think it was the case with 1.1.0 .  Has anyone else seen
this or is anyone interested in trying to replicate it?  I've got 4DOS 5.0E
and an ANSI.SYS replacement in my machine (a PS2 50/SX if it still has its
original guts), so I'm not sure whether this problem is just mine or
affects others.  Thanks very much for any info.

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