Forcing backup data to tape

1993-09-28 14:34:51
Subject: Forcing backup data to tape
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1993 14:34:51 EDT
You can force backup data directly to tape (that is bypass any DASD storage
pools) in a few ways:

If you want this to be a normal mode of operation, you should define
a management class with a backup copygroup having the DESTINATION parameter
be the name of your tape storage pool.

If you want to force data directly to tape only temporarily, you can
use the UPDATE STGPOOL command to set the MAXSIZE parameter for you DASD
storage pool(s) to 0 thereby forcing that storage pool to be bypassed.

If your intent is to force a migration from the DASD storage pool to a tape
pool, you can do that by adjusting the HIGHMIG parameter on the DASD pool.

We acknowledge that the ADSM product is more complex than WDSF but then it
also offers more function and flexibility.  It is always a challenge to
keep a product simple (and easy to learn) yet at the same time offer the
rich functionality and flexibility that is required.  We will continue to
strive to improve product usability and welcome any specific recommendations
you may have.

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