ADSM scratch tapes vs VMTAPE

1993-09-28 10:52:23
Subject: ADSM scratch tapes vs VMTAPE
From: Wendy Backup Buddha Alberg <WAXY AT CORNELLC.CIT.CORNELL DOT EDU>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1993 10:52:23 EDT
>   I am trying to setup a DSMMOUNT exec so we can use Tape vs Disk
>storage. Diskspace is at a premium right now. Our VMTAPE system interfaces
>with our CA-1 (UCC-1) tape management system. This requires a DataSetName
>to be supplied at Mount time even if the tape is a scratch.
>The parameter list supplied to DSMMOUNT does not include the DSN
>that ASDM will eventually write as the HDR1 label. Any Ideas???

  How about this:

  Set up a VMTAPE scratch pool for ADSM.  Decide on a DSN for the entire
  Run a TMSTPNIT CA-1 utility job to stick the DSN on all the scratch
tapes in the pool and to write the DSN into the TMC for those tapes.
  Have ADSM mount tapes using the DSN for the scratch pool.
  Assuming there's a post-processing ADSM exit, DVOL1 to get the DSN
that ADSM stuck on the tape.
  Every <time-interval-of-your-choice>, run a batch VMTAPE EDIT job
or TMSUPDTE CA-1 utility job to change the DSN in the TMC for the
tapes ADSM has written on during the interval.

  To allow ADSM to mount a tape it has already written to, use IUCV and
PIPE STARMSG to trap the output of a VMTAPE LIST on that tape from the
DSMMOUNT EXEC and parse out the DSN (assuming ADSM keeps track of what
volumes it stores what files on in a catalog somewhere, so it knows what
tape volume it wants to mount).  If ADSM keeps track of the DSNs rather
than the volsers, have it VMTAPE LIST DSN xxxxxx and parse out the volser.

  I have an example of using PIPE STARMSG (not for VMTAPE) from someone,
if you're interested.

  You might also try cross posting and subscribing to the VM Center
listserv.  The address to send subscription requests to is:
and the list itself is

Wendy Alberg, Computer Resources Tech Support Group
Cornell Information Technologies, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY 14853
wa10 AT cornell DOT edu    -or-    waxy AT cornellc.cit.cornell DOT edu
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