APAR number for central scheduling problem

1993-09-24 07:39:04
Subject: APAR number for central scheduling problem
From: David E Boyes <dboyes AT IS.RICE DOT EDU>
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1993 06:39:04 -0500
The APAR number for the central scheduling problem I mentioned in
my earlier message is IC06021. It's tagged as HIPER, so hopefully
we'll see a rapid turnaround.

Further note: after some experimentation with my test ADSM server
id, the WDSF database restore tool operates significantly faster
if database and log mirroring are activated *after* the load
completes. I suppose that is to be expected, although I'm
surprised that it makes as much difference as it does (the
process is up to 50% faster without mirroring). Cached DASD fast
write would probably make a lot of difference with this -- wish I
had some...
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