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What drive path shall I use when running jbconfig?


Hi Pro's

I have got some very old backup hardware on my neck that I need to configure to restore some very old data in Networker 7.6.3.

I am not familiar with networker but have tried to configure a SCSI connected Qualstar library to a storage node. The library has two FC connected IBM Ultrium-TD3 drives.
I'm stuck and don’t understand what drive path I shall use when configuring my library on one of my storage nodes. I have tried different variations but none of them seems to be correct.
The HPAnyware software I have on the Win2003 server tells me that the OS device name is: "\\.\Scsi2:0:5 and \\.\Scsi2:0:4"

Can anyone assist? See my jbconfig output below:

C:\>jbconfig -s bcksrv001

On a storage node, the hostname is a prefix to the jukebox name.
Enter the hostname to use as a prefix? [stnode001]
Using 'stnode001' as the hostname prefix

Jbconfig is running on host stnode001 (Windows Server 2003 5.2),
and is using bcksrv001 as the NetWorker server.

1) Configure an AlphaStor Library.
2) Configure an Autodetected SCSI Jukebox.
3) Configure an Autodetected NDMP SCSI Jukebox.
4) Configure an SJI Jukebox.
5) Exit.

which activity do you want to perform? [1] 2
14484:jbconfig: Scanning SCSI buses; this may take a while ...
Incorrect function.

Installing 'Qualstar' jukebox - [email protected]

What name do you want to assign to this jukebox device? qualstar
using 'rd=stnode001:qualstar' as jukebox device name

15814:jbconfig: Attempting to detect serial numbers on the jukebox and drives ...
15815:jbconfig: Will try to use SCSI information returned by jukebox to configure drives.

Turn NetWorker auto-cleaning on (yes / no) [yes]? no
The drives in this jukebox cannot be auto-configured with the available
information. You will need to provide the path for the drives.
Is (any path of) any drive intended for NDMP use? (yes / no) [no]
Is any drive going to have more than one path defined? (yes / no) [no]

Please enter the device path information in one of the following formats:

\\.\Tape0 --for local path or
host:device-path --for remote node or NDMP device(s) or
host:drive-letter:directory path --for Windows disk file

Drive 1, element 63000local bus, target, lun value = 2.5.0,
WWNN=50050763120197DF model LTO Ultrium-3
Drive path ? \\.\Drive1

Drive 2, element 63001local bus, target, lun value = 2.4.0,
WWNN=5005076312017627 model LTO Ultrium-3
Drive path ? \\.\Drive2

Please select the appropriate drive type number:
1) 3480 27) 9940 53) SAIT-1
2) 3570 28) 9940B 54) SAIT-2
3) 3590 29) adv_file 55) SD3
4) 3592 30) Atmos COS 56) sdlt
5) 4890 31) Data Domain 57) sdlt320
6) 4mm 32) dlt 58) sdlt600
7) 4mm 12GB 33) dlt vs160 59) SLR
8) 4mm 20GB 34) dlt-s4 60) T10000
9) 4mm 4GB 35) dlt-v4 61) T10000B
10) 4mm 8GB 36) dlt1 62) tkz90
11) 4mm DAT160 37) dlt7000 63) travan10
12) 4mm DAT72 38) dlt8000 64) TS1120
13) 8mm 39) dst 65) TS1130
14) 8mm 20GB 40) dst (NT) 66) TS1140
15) 8mm 5GB 41) dtf 67) tz85
16) 8mm AIT 42) dtf2 68) tz86
17) 8mm AIT-2 43) file 69) tz87
18) 8mm AIT-3 44) himt 70) tz88
19) 8mm AIT-4 45) logical 71) tz89
20) 8mm AIT-5 46) LTO Ultrium 72) tz90
21) 8mm Mammoth-2 47) LTO Ultrium-2 73) tzs20
22) 9490 48) LTO Ultrium-3 74) VXA
23) 9840 49) LTO Ultrium-4 75) VXA-172
24) 9840b 50) LTO Ultrium-5 76) VXA-2
25) 9840C 51) optical 77) VXA-320
26) 9840D 52) qic
Enter the drive type of drive 1? [LTO Ultrium-3]
Enter the drive type of drive 2? [LTO Ultrium-3]

Jukebox has been added successfully
The following configuration options have been set:
> Jukebox description to the control port and model.
> Autochanger control port to the port at which we found it.
> Autocleaning off.
> Barcode reading to on.
> Volume labels that match the barcodes.
You can review and change the characteristics of the autochanger and its
associated devices using the NetWorker Management Console.
Would you like to configure another jukebox? (yes/no) [no]


After the jbconfig I have tried to do an inventory of the first two slots in the library but this fails with the following command:

C:\>nsrjb -s bcksrv001 -I -S 1-2
1: rd=stnode001:qualstar [enabled]
There is only one enabled and configured jukebox: rd=stnode001:qualstar
Error: Jukebox:rd=stnode001:qualstar access:[email protected] failed:MOVE MEDIUM key:5 status:CHECK CONDITION Illegal Request, ADIC : source cartridge loaded and not accessible
EXABYTE : drive inside source, not accessible
OVERLAND: element not accessible
QUALSTAR: tape is not ejected from drive
TANDBERG: Tape is not ejected from drive

Info: Operation `Eject' in progress on device `rd=stnode001:\\Drive1'
Error: Automatically cancelling operation `OP_INVENTORY', instance 5, on jukebox `rd=stnode001:qualstar.' Mov
ing the jukebox `rd=stnode001:qualstar' to an out-of-synchronization state due to external jukebox operations
Error: User cancelled task `OP_INVENTORY'.
Error: Automatically cancelled the operation.
Jukebox operation finished with status: retryable
39077:nsrjb: error, Jukebox command terminated with errors.


I have tried to use these:


What drive path shall I use? And what might be wrong above?


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