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Volume "MS Configuration" complains because of size


[SOLVED] Volume "MS Configuration" complains because of size

I'm trying to use FastBack to back up the local drives on a machine running Windows Server 2008 R2. The physical drives are all well under 2TB, in fact the largest drive is 900GB and disk 0 which holds C: and the boot sector is 300GB. There are several very large SAN volumes attached to the server via HBA but I'm not trying to back those up. Still, when trying to back up the "MS Configuration" object, FastBack complains:

1409994003,[06.09.2014 09:00:03]-> FBSS1535I        A full snapshot (6) for (servername) Policy on Signature 0xf23543f3 on (servername) VolLetter [B]MS Configuration[/B] was started                                                                     
1409994003,[06.09.2014 09:00:03]-> FBSS7563E        The job 6 was stopped because the volume 0xf23543f3 is on a disk that exceeds 2TB in size. Volumes must be on disks that are less than 2 TB in size. Remove this volume from the policy and run the snapsho...
I don't know what exactly the "MS Configuration" object is but I'm guessing it's similar to the "System State" target in BA Client? Any advice on how to solve this problem?
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Figured it out. The "MS Configuration" object has nothing to do with "System State", it's the partition information for disks partitioned using GUID Partition Table (GPT) as opposed to the traditional Master Boot Record (MBR) format. In our case, GPT is used for the SAN volumes only. This means I can safely exclude the "MS Configuration object" and suddenly everything worked as expected.

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