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Urgent Need For A Sr. Avamar Ops, Richardson, TX

Discussion in 'EMC Avamar' started by jen.nickell, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. jen.nickell

    jen.nickell New Member

    Oct 10, 2012
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    Sr. Resource Manager
    Sr. Avamar Ops
    Location: Richardson, TX
    Duration: 6 months
    Description:Day-to-Day activities
    -Grid capacity management and performance monitoring
    -Configuration of alerts and notifications
    -Integrate Avamar Grid(s) into DPA
    -Deployment of clients and plugins
    -Deployment\Configuration of VMware image based backup
    -Management of backup policies and schedules
    -Daily remediation of any backup exceptions and failures
    -Conduct Restore testing
    -Respond to restore requests
    -Document procedures and configuration; cross training VCE resource

    DR Site Project
    -Seed DR Grid via local replication
    -Participate in Grid relocation
    -Re-IP DR grid at new location
    -Configure remote replication
    -Conduct Restore testing
    -Integrate DR Grid into DPA

    Please send updated resume to jen.nickell@virtualtechgurus.com

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