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understanding the output of "show sdpool"

Hello ,
could someone please explain the meaning of parameters in BOLD:
SD Pool Dirctory_container_pool1:
Needs Refresh: False
Maximum Size: 0
FsCapacity: 73342976 MB
FsFreeSpace: 9775998 MB
DedupCntrAllocSpace: 63534041 MB
DedupCntrUsedSpace: 62172650 MB
DedupCntrFreeSpace: 1361390 MB
DedupUnaccessibleSpace: 878487 MB
NonDedupCntrAllocSpace: 7398 MB

NonDedupCntrUsedSpace: 1824 MB
NonDedupCntrFreeSpace: 5574 MB
NonDedupUnaccessibleSpace: 70 MB
PoolCapacity: 73317437 MB
PoolFree: 11142962 MB
Pool Unaccessible: 878557 MB
Dedup Reserved Space: 0 MB
Non Dedup Reserved Space: 0 MB
Compression Enabled: Yes
Encryption Enabled: No
Last Space Check: 2019-08-04 06:14:48

Thanks and have a good day


DedupUnaccessibleSpace: 878487 MB - means something is wrong with the containers that are being deduped or the filesystems holding those containers. You want to check your filesystem status with q stgpooldir and query bad containers with q container * st=unavil or st=reado. You also should run q damaged poolname t=container. NonDedupCntrAllocSpace: 7398 MB means total space for containers allocated for data that does not dedup - either via SP parms or SP intelligence looking for poor dedup candidates (like encrypte data)
thanks for the reply
I have checked the containers once more only found one container marked as readonly , more over the number of DedupUnaccessibleSpace has been decreased a lot,I guess but not sure enough that was a one time issue.
the reuse delay is set to 1 ,but I haven't checked the same values of DedupUnaccessibleSpace the next day.
now it seems good, thanks for your reply

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