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Unable to start instance (username and/or password invalid)


Our TSM instance began acting oddly today and was having issues unlocking tape devices, reporting they were in use when they were not, etc.
We halted the instance to run diags on the tapes, found nothing, so tried to start again. No changes have been made to the system, but I am getting this error:
ANR7801I Subsystem process ID is 4653134.
ANR0900I Processing options file /home/tsm01/tsminst1/dsmserv.opt.
ANR7811I Using instance directory /home/tsm01/tsminst1.
ANR4726I The ICC support module has been loaded.
ANR0990I Server restart-recovery in progress.
ANR0152I Database manager successfully started.
ANR0162W Supplemental database diagnostic information:  -1:08001:-30082 ([IBM][CLI Driver] SQL30082N  Security processing failed with reason "24" ("USERNAME AND/OR PASSWORD INVALID").  SQLSTATE=08001).
ANR1820E The server could not connect to the database manager by using TCP/IP port 51500.
I can log in with the instance owner (tsm01) and run db2start without issue. I can connect to the database when I'm the instance owner, and using the instance owner's ID from another account (connect to tsmdb1 user tsm01 using [password]). I have a PMR open with IBM but we are hard down and I can't seem to find any indications of this kind of behavior before.


If you installed the latest TSM client, it upgraded GSKit8 which seems uncompatible.

You have to downgrade GSKit8 (and the client) or to upgrade the server to 8.1.2.
I actually ended up identifying that with IBM as well. The technicians were largely unaware of this, it took a backline/T3 support agent to identify the error. They made that big of a change in GSK8 and the technote that talks about it is buried deep. Didn't come up at all when evaluating 8.1.2 client (we have the issue where 8.1.0 was identifying single or 2 level directory trees as being 'too big' with too many sub-directories.)


If you installed the latest TSM client, it upgraded GSKit8 which seems uncompatible.

You have to downgrade GSKit8 (and the client) or to upgrade the server to 8.1.2.
Thanks for the save verpeaux. Wish I'd found this last night because the error is quite ambiguous and a simple server restart to kick a library turned into 18 hours of downtime. And yes, I'd upgraded the client a few weeks ago just as your post suggests was the problem.

Thanks again,



Same for me and I had to call the support, too. Luckily, I wasted only half a day on this, because the support guy needed only a few hours to find this solution. This happened to me after upgrading the client to 8 while running a 7 server on that host...


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
Well it is 2am and THANK YOU for this input. Saved me quite the headache. Downgrade GSKit8 and TSM client back to v7.1.2 and all is well again. We are in the process of updating all servers to v8 and had installed the v8 clients on that machine while it was still running the v7 server...

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