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TSM VE Problem with creating scheduler ANR3200E


I installed TSM VE 7.0.1 and configured it to use the webinterface.

But every time when I try to create a scheduler I get the error

Command successfully submitted to the Tivoli Storage Manager server.

ANR3200E DEFINE SCHEDULE: Command cannot be executed - domain VMWARE_VM_DEDUP is a managed object.
Thats true ... the TSM server is connected with a configuration manager ...
So I decided to create it by my own on the config manager but I can´t see it on the webinterface ;(

Is there any work around? I am using TSM server Version 6, Release 3, Level 4.200



ADSM.ORG Senior Member
Which interface are you talking about specifically? Do you mean the Backup Archive Client web GUI? Or the Vcenter either native or accessed via the web browser? If you use the vcenter plugin and create the schedules from there you should have less of an issue.
This was one of the first obstacles I ran into configuring TSM for VE in our environment.

TSM for VE - When using the TDP for VMware GUI to create,modify, or delete any VMware based backup schedules needs to be able to modify the schedule within the TSM server. If you attempt to create a blank schedule within your default domain - TSM for VE GUI will not be able to see it (You may be able to get it to show up by manually associating it to a registered data mover - but once it shows up you wont be able to make changes or even run the schedule)

If you're using a configuration manager and have all of your TSM servers registered to the same profile, TSM for VE will be unable to make the changes it needs as the profile controls modifications to servers, admins, scripts, server groups, and schedules.

What I ended up doing was creating a special profile just for my VE backup servers. They were assigned to a new profile called 'VIRTUALENVIRONMENT' which only has servers, admins, scripts, and server groups as managed objects. This time around I chose not to have policy domain 'STANDARD' included as a managed.

Like so;
tsm: SHOBUS12_TSM1>q profile VI* f=d

(This one has nothing in 'Policy domains' - so nothing associated with this will be a managed object)

Configuration manager: SHOESS04_TSM1
Locked?: No
Server administrators: ** all objects **
Policy domains:
Administrative command schedules:
Server Command Scripts: ** all objects **
Client Option Sets:
Servers: ** all objects **
Server Groups: ** all objects **

vs the STANDARD profile assigned to my normal BAclient TSM servers

tsm: SHOBUS12_TSM1>q profile standard f=d

(This has STANDARD listed under 'Policy domain' - which means it is managed)

Configuration manager: SHOESS04_TSM1
Profile name: STANDARD
Locked?: No
Description: The default profil
Server administrators: ** all objects **
Policy domains: STANDARD
Administrative command schedules:
Server Command Scripts: ** all objects **
Client Option Sets: ** all objects **
Servers: ** all objects **
Server Groups: ** all objects **

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