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TSM Traning - line


Active Newcomer
Hi all,

I work with tsm in a capacaty as it support. I have on the job traning and now i have a go to get the certification.

I seem to be a bit lost. I can not find a course/exam just for it-support. Im thinking in terms of one more exams to get it-support coveret.

Anybody who can point me in the correct way?


Torben E.


Active Newcomer

My compay has a lot of customers witch i help with the TSM clients. evey time it is TSM config or other issue. Our TSM administrator take over. I guess the TSM Fundamentals is where i start.

[email protected]

ADSM.ORG Senior Member
TSM - Training & Certification - two step approach

Hallo Newcomer,

i think, "mikeymac" has given to you a very good answer regarding the certifications options.

During the past years i regularly participated i the development of certification tests and i think for passing an exam, you have to follow a two step approach with a practical and a theoretical part:

1.) what you are already doing: "learning on the job"
2.) it it also necessary, that you build up your knowledge not only "with on the job training" but also in a "structured" way - either by attending a standard TSM instruction class/course or by SYSTEMATICALLY reading the manuals in addition to your daily job.

I wish you good luck for you certification.
rgds mikel
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