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TSM ODBC driver and ASP...


The package you find on the web will just uncompress in the define directory.

It will not install it.

So uncompress it in your C:\temp and run it from there.

Then you will have it in your ODBC driver

After that you just have to define your servers one at a time.

Good luck


I know, and it works fine from other applications.

I would like to see a sample ASP code from someone, can't get the ASP engine to contact the server.

BR Lasse


I don't know ASP, so please forgive me if I did not understand your problem.

We did a reporting tool for TSM on ODBC in VC++.

And we were very disappointed to discover

that the TSM ODBC source does not work with ADO.

So, I was wondering if you were trying to use ADO instead of ODBC

in your ASP app.


I have found out how to do it with ASP. I am using an ADODB connection to the driver, this works fine for me. It is just putting a lot of crap in the TSM actlog. I can't figure out how to get rid of these lines....


You managed to get an ADODB connection with TSM ODBC ?

congrats !

By the way, how did you achieve this ?

( I've been using ODBC source at least on TSM 3.7, as well as a few tests with TSM 4.xx, with no success in ADO.)

Same problem also for me with the TSM actlog.

(And indeed a big problem, because a frequent polling to detect changes on the status of ~100 tapes really makes the actlog "explode".)

I have setup an NT Server on which I've got IIS (for ASP) and in the background SQL Server 2K running to provide detailed information regarding the status of backups, tapes, drmedia, billing, etc. What the SQL-part does is interrogate our 12 TSM-servers spread over Europe on a regular bases. It stores the data in it's database and IIS interrogates the SQL database when the end-user (both TSM-admins and TSM-clients) requires the information.

In this way you don't blow up your ACTLog more then necessary and you've got all the information on 12 TSM Servers in 1 place.

It was a lot of work to set it up but It works very stable. I even get to compare the different TSM servers performance on a day to day bases and keep the data as long as necessary. My database is currently (only) 85 Mb and is pretty stable with all the data I need for reporting of the past 3 months.



This seams to be a good idea.

I don't know mutch about sql servers, i fact i know anything about them....

can you point out some clues for me, then it might not be nessesary to read 20 manuals, 10 redbooks and so on.... maybe 1 or 2 books could do the job. :cool:

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