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TSM for Sharepoint ...with FastBack


Active Newcomer
Is there any benefit to using these two technologies together? We are licensed for both TSM-4-SP and Fastback. I like the restore features that Fastback provides (BMR/FB Mount/Instant Restore). However, the ability of the media server sending the data directly to TSM eliminates the need of Fastback acting as a proxy. And unfortunately, Fastback doesn't offer the granularity that DocAve provides. I'd like to hear other opinions on this idea, including if this is a bad idea!


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
I don't think fastback will provide you anything usable. It's good for mounting general file systems but SharePoint is really a database. You would have to mount the entire database and its filesystem to another server and then find a way to access that data.

Honestly TSM for SP is only good at getting at individual files that aren't available in the recycle bin or document library. If a DR is needed I would fall back on my SQL database backup.

I've tried restoring a SP DB to another server then accessing the data within by redirecting the pointers to the restored DB and it was a CF. I wouldn't recommend it.

TSM for SP has a free add on that allows you to access individual files from a SQL backup but that is only good if you keep your DB backups for a long period of time. We only keep our DB backups for 10 days. The TSM for SP backups are retained 60 days.


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
Interesting discussion here. I too am looking into how FastBack might be able to backup/restore a very large Sharepoint installation, but for disaster recovery (i.e., to alternate hardware in a DR location) rather than operational recovery purposes. As such, the granularity of recovery is pretty much at the system level. The FastBack DR mechanism, incremental forever block-level volume backups and instant restore capabilities are potentially real winners over traditional TSM in this scenario.

In particular, I'm looking to find out more about how FastBack will play ball with Sharepoint to ensure an integral backup - do I just trust Windows' VSS 'magic' or are there any additional recommended steps or gotchas that I should consider?

David Mc
London, UK


Active Newcomer
I setup an environment with:
TSM FastBack Backup for Backups of the Sharepoint Servers in the Farm ( for BMR restore)
TSM SQL TDP Backup for the Sharepoint Database
TSM DocAve Sharepoint Platform and Granular Backup for Granular Restores

Restoring Sharepoint 2007 was not that simple. It is a bit fussy.
Sharepoint patch level should remain the same.
Server Names and topolgy should remain the same.
SQL Server disk layout should remain the same.

I did run into some trouble trying to restore with just the SQL Backup and Platform Backup.

After much frustration, this is were the FastBack Backup came in handy.
Restored the Sharepoint Servers using FastBack BMR. Everything was intact and Sharepoint Farm was happy.
TSM DocaAve used for the Granular Restores.

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