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tsm error return -53


I have a problem when trying to launch tsm server command line in fact the password expired after i enter a new password i have this error and i cannot access tsm server i don't know what's the problem

when i opened dsmerror log i found these messages:
ANS4039E Could not establish a session with a TSM server or client agent. The TSM return code is -53.
ANS1033E An invalid TCP/IP address was specified.
ANS8023E Unable to establish session with server.

Thank you in advance ,


ADSM.ORG Moderator
ANS1033E An invalid TCP/IP address was specified.
ANS1033E  An invalid TCP/IP address was specified.


The TCP/IP address specified by the IBM Spectrum Protect client's
TCPSERVERADDRESS setting could not be found on the network. Common
reasons for this error include:
*  The TCPSERVERADDRESS client option specifies the wrong TCP/IP address
   for the IBM Spectrum Protect server".
*  The machine that hosts the IBM Spectrum Protect server is not on the
*  A network problem is preventing the IBM Spectrum Protect client from
   reaching the machine that hosts the IBM Spectrum Protect server.

System action:

processing stops.

User response:

Verify that the TCPSERVERADDRESS and TCPPORT settings have the correct
values for your IBM Spectrum Protect server. Use your operating system's
"ping" (or similar) utility to ensure that your machine can locate the
machine that hosts the IBM Spectrum Protect server across the network.
Try the operating again. If the problem persists, ask your IBM Spectrum
Protect administrator for further assistance.

End of help section: Make a new selection (section number,
message number, option name, command name, or command and subcommand).
Otherwise press enter or 't' to display the table of contents,
'u' to scroll up, or 'q' to exit help:
source: dsmc help ANS1033E

Either you have the wrong hostname or IP addressed specified for TCPSERVERADDRESS in dsm.opt or the Spectrum Protect server is down.


Active Newcomer
Hi sabrine,

the error message (ANS1033E An invalid TCP/IP address was specified.) means, that you can not reach the TSM-Server, because there is a wrong setting in the "dsm.opt/dsm.sys" (tcpserveraddress/tcpport) or your client can not reach TSM, because your DNS or /etc/hosts settings point to the wrong destination

Try the following:

ping tsmservername (ping mytsmservername)
  • this checks, if TSM is reachable under the name, specified in the dsm.sys/dsm.opt under tcpserveraddress and there is no connection failure between client/server
  • if it fails, try to ping your tsm-server only with IP-Address
    • ping tcpserverip
      • if this fails, you have network/firewall problems between client/server
      • if that works, but still no connection, try next command "telnet"
telnet tsmservername tsmserverport (ping mytsmservername 1500)
  • this checks, if TSM is reachable under the given tcpservername/tcpserveraddress and tcpport
  • this checks, if the tcpport (e.g. 1500) to the TSM-Server is open
  • is tsm-server-instance running?
  • is the tcpport of the tsm-server, you try correct?
check name resolution (dns or hosts-file)
linux (cat /etc/hosts)
windows (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts)

  • check, if there is a wrong entry, which points to another server
check resolv.conf
  • check, if there is a wrong dns-server setting

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