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TSM client is on DMZ


I have one window TSM client is on DMZ. only TCP port 1500 is open on Firewall. Manual backup is working fine. But schedule backup is not initiating either by Accepter or Scheduler. Seems i am missing something on opt file. Please suggest correct configuration.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
Is port 1500 opened bi-directional?
If the client can do a manual backup, the scheduler should be able to connect to the server as well, it's using the same ports.

What's in the dsmsched.log after you start the scheduler, should see an attempt to query the server for schedules. Does this happen:
- if no, what's the error(s)?
- if yes, what's logged at the time the schedule is supposed to start?


Yes Port 1500 is bidirectional. Here is dsmsched.log after starting TSM Accepter service. Problem is Scheduler service is not starting at the time the schedule is support to start. Hence Backup is missing every day.

11/14/2019 09:08:02 Scheduler has been started by Dsmcad.
11/14/2019 09:08:02 IBM Spectrum Protect Backup-Archive Client Version 8, Release 1, Level 8.0
11/14/2019 09:08:02 Querying server for next scheduled event.
11/14/2019 09:08:02 Node Name: AABBCC
11/14/2019 09:08:03 Session established with server XXYYZZ: Linux/x86_64
11/14/2019 09:08:03 Server Version 8, Release 1, Level 0.000
11/14/2019 09:08:03 Server date/time: 11/14/2019 10:38:02 Last access: 11/14/2019 10:37:55

11/14/2019 09:08:03 --- SCHEDULEREC QUERY BEGIN
11/14/2019 09:08:03 --- SCHEDULEREC QUERY END
11/14/2019 09:08:03 Next operation scheduled:
11/14/2019 09:08:03 ------------------------------------------------------------
11/14/2019 09:08:03 Schedule Name: TEST
11/14/2019 09:08:03 Action: Incremental
11/14/2019 09:08:03 Objects:
11/14/2019 09:08:03 Options:
11/14/2019 09:08:03 Server Window Start: 11:00:00 on 11/14/2019
11/14/2019 09:08:03 ------------------------------------------------------------
11/14/2019 09:08:03 Scheduler has been stopped.


This is what logged in dsmwebcl.log

11/14/2019 09:06:48 (dsmcad) IBM Spectrum Protect
11/14/2019 09:06:48 (dsmcad) Client Acceptor - Built May 8 2019 09:27:03
11/14/2019 09:06:48 (dsmcad) Version 8, Release 1, Level 8.0
11/14/2019 09:06:48 (dsmcad) ANS3000I TCP/IP communications available on port 51065.
11/14/2019 09:06:48 (dsmcad) Dsmcad is working in Webclient Schedule mode.
11/14/2019 09:06:48 (dsmcad) ANS3000I HTTP communications available on port 1581.
11/14/2019 09:06:48 (dsmcad) Command will be executed in 1 minute.
11/14/2019 09:07:48 (dsmcad) Executing scheduled command now.
11/14/2019 09:08:08 (dsmcad) Next operation scheduled:
11/14/2019 09:08:08 (dsmcad) ------------------------------------------------------------
11/14/2019 09:08:08 (dsmcad) Schedule Name: TEST
11/14/2019 09:08:08 (dsmcad) Action: Incremental
11/14/2019 09:08:08 (dsmcad) Objects:
11/14/2019 09:08:08 (dsmcad) Options:
11/14/2019 09:08:08 (dsmcad) Server Window Start: 11:00:00 on 11/14/2019
11/14/2019 09:08:08 (dsmcad) ------------------------------------------------------------
11/14/2019 09:08:08 (dsmcad) Waiting to be contacted by the server.


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
This is what logged in dsmwebcl.log
11/14/2019 09:06:48 (dsmcad) ANS3000I TCP/IP communications available on port 51065.
11/14/2019 09:08:08 (dsmcad) Waiting to be contacted by the server.
Your scheduler is using the server prompted mode. Is your server able to contact the client scheduler on the indicated port (TCP:51065) ?
Note that this port is dynamic and will change at each dsmcad restart, unless you've fixed it with the webports.

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