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TSM Bandwidth


Hello all,

During the backup we always have traffic and it consumes more bandwidth. Is there any way to limit the bandwidth consumption?


ADSM.ORG Moderator
That’s an odd request. Usually people want backups to run faster, not slower.

There’s no throttling available other than controlling the number of simultaneous threads doing the backup. Default is 2, one does queries/updates to the server and determine what files need to be backed up. The other does the data transfer. You could use RESOURCEUTILIZATION 1 so that a single thread does all the work. However, it will still use all the bandwidth available when transferring data.

The better options are:
  • Schedule the backup when the machine is the least busy
  • If backing to a container pool, use client side dedup
  • Use client side compression to reduce amount of data to send
  • Improve the network infrastructure


Hi sorry framing the question again. during replication there is much traffic. Is it possible to reduce the bandwidth limit during replication? I have increased the maxsessions for replication. Not sure if it works


ADSM.ORG Moderator
Oh, that's different but still odd that you want replication to run for a longer duration, because that would be the net effect of using less bandwitch. If you increase the maxsessions, you increase the bandwidth requirement, you need to lower the maxsessions if you want to use less bandwidth. Don't go too low though, you want replication to complete before the next backup window starts.

Decreasing the bandwidth is not the solution though, it sounds like you need a faster connection between the 2 sites, but like everywhere, probably hard to get the budget approved for that.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
But if we increase the max sessions, replication runs faster right?
Yes, but not in all cases. It's one of those "it depends". If you are not maximizing the bandwidth available and that there are no other major bottlenecks, increasing maxsessions can speed up replication. But if it maxes out some of the other resources, it can also run slower if you increase too much. For example, if CPU utilization is already maxed out and you increase the sessions, it will make it worse, not better, in a case like this, lowering the maxsessions might help. So it all depends.

However, unless I misunderstood, your initial question was about reducing bandwidth, and increasing the maxsessions will also increase the bandwidth requirements.

Testing is free though, you can try with a few different maxsessions both higher and lower than what you are using now and see which you you feel performs the best overall.

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