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TSM 5.5.3 Library shiaring: Unable to open drive \\.\Tape (error number=5)

Discussion in 'Tape / Media Library' started by Chalaneru, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. Chalaneru

    Chalaneru Newcomer

    Jul 23, 2013
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    Hi there!

    we are having some issues on tape libray access, hope anyone can guide us:
    We have 2 TSM instances ( runing on W2003. We are sharing a TS3500 (LTO) with TKLM encryption.
    Since 1 month ago, we are having issues to start using tapes from the LC.
    The LM mounts the tape, reads the label and then in the LC we receive this error message:

    11/02/17 15:05:28 ANR0408I Session 52653 started for server LM
    (Windows) (Tcp/Ip) for library sharing. (SESSION: 52585,
    PROCESS: 281)
    11/02/17 15:12:33 ANR8779E Unable to open drive \\.\Tape5, error number=5.
    (SESSION: 52585, PROCESS: 281)
    11/02/17 15:12:52 ANR0409I Session 52653 ended for server LC
    (Windows). (SESSION: 52585, PROCESS: 281)

    If we reboot LC host, all the tape mounts work ok for some time.
    Some times, restarting LC NIC makes next mount work without needing to reboot.
    In other cases, disabling/enabling the tape device at OS level also makes next mount work without needing to reboot.

    We have used mt tool and we see this error message:
    NTDeviceName input name = <mt0.0.0.7>
    ReadNTRegistry for PortNumber 7
    ReadNTRegistry for PathId 0
    ReadNTRegistry for TargetId 0
    ReadNTRegistry for Lun 0
    RegQueryValueEx rc=0
    ReadNTRegistry rc = 0
    ReadNTRegistry work= <Tape5>
    NTDeviceName is now <//./Tape5>
    ntopen translated file name is <//./Tape5>
    Error! WINNT CreateFile failed. LastError=5
    Error is Access is denied.
    TTRACE: execute_command exit.
    TTRACE: execute_command returned 1.
    TTRACE: analyze entered (command open $D RW result rc >= 0).
    analyze rc -1 err 22 (EINVAL,Invalid argument)

  3. Chalaneru

    Chalaneru Newcomer

    Jul 23, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Hi team,
    looks like we have solved the issue, there was a running software which caused the access denial:
    IBM License Metric Tool and Tivoli Asset Discover Agent

    We have stopped the software, re-enabled the tape devices on Windows and now all the tape mounts are successful.


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