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TS3500 Tape Library assistance needed

I am running windows 08 i have installed the device drivers with no errors and everything shows up in device manager and appears to be operating correctly. We are using tape drive 3584 and LTO4 tapes. When i start up a backup it being to write to the tapes and you can view its utilization then out of the clear blue it gets i/o errors with the following errors. And then it goes to the next tape writes some data and spits out the same errors. All i have found on IBM was the error "Not ready, initializing command required". To me that doesn't make sense because the volumes are labeled and it writes to them.

ANR8311E An I/O error occurred while accessing drive DRIVE1 (\\.\Tape1) for
WRITE operation, errno = 0, rc = 2863.
ANR1411W Access mode for volume TS1119L4 now set to "read-only" due to write
ANR0514I Session 11705 closed volume TS1119L4.
ANR0523W Transaction failed for session 11705 for node EXCH_DAG_DB (TDP
MSExchg) - error on output storage device.
ANR8311E An I/O error occurred while accessing drive DRIVE1 (\\.\Tape1) for
OFFL operation, errno = 1111, rc = 2863.
ANR0399I Session 11700 for node TDP_EXCH_DAG has ended a proxy session for node
ANR0403I Session 11700 ended for node TDP_EXCH_DAG (TDP MSExchg).
ANR0407I Session 11720 started for administrator TSMADMIN (WinNT) (Tcp/Ip
ANR2017I Administrator TSMADMIN issued command: select
total_Space_mb,used_space_mb from log
ANR0405I Session 11720 ended for administrator TSMADMIN (WinNT).
ANR8469E Dismount of LTO volume TS1119L4 from drive DRIVE1 (\\.\Tape1) in
library TSM03_LIB failed.
ANR8475I Dismount of volume TS1119L4 failed. It may still be in the drive.
ANR8302E I/O error on drive DRIVE1 (\\.\Tape1) with volume TS1119L4 (OP=OFFL,
Error Number=21, CC=0, rc = 2869, KEY= 02, ASC=04, ASCQ= 02,
Description=An undetermined error has occurred). Refer to the Tivoli Storage
Manager documentation on I/O error code descriptions.



Looks like the drives are set up and defined to TSM correctly as the tape gets mounted and some data gets written on the tape.

Finding out how much data got on the tapes, before the I/O errors, would help determine how bad the problem is. Ex: Q Vol TS1119L4 F=D

Is this happening for all the tapes you have used in this library, or just a few? Are the tapes new tapes or used tapes? If used, were they stored in good condition?

If a good amount of data gets written to the tape, then you may just have dirty drives and a tape cleaning is needed.

Also, TSM looked to attempt to dismount the tape but the dismount failed:
"ANR8475I Dismount of volume TS1119L4 failed. It may still be in the drive."

Are you seeing tapes stuck in the drives as the messages indicate?

If this is a new library, then I don't think the drives need to be cleaned and the I/O errors and dismount problems are pointing to something is wrong with the library/drives or the communications between TSM and the library. My bet is on the drives for the I/O errors and a possibly gripper problem for the dismount failures.

You may need to have a CE come out and service the library if this is not a dirty tape/dirty drive problem.

Best of luck.


TSM noob with 12 years expirience
ADSM.ORG Moderator
Do you see eny errors in the TS3500 GUI interface? Check both drive and library

If you from tsm server dismounts all tapes. Is there still tapes in drives?

A stuck tape can be unloaded by pressing and holding eject button.

Any errors in the san swicthes involved?

The classic part. Firmware levels on all involved parts. HBA, Switches, TS3500, Drives.

Does the drives pass a long read/write test?

Does it happen with all drives and tapes?

Call IBM if you need help. They can help you quicker. Just make sure you have the drive dumps and library logs ready.

-= Trident =-

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