TS3500 logical library


Feb 13, 2013
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Hi Friends,

Need help,

we have a TS3500 library currently using for TSM with 12 LTO7 drives with 261 slot.

now we are planning to implement veeam, so creating logical library for Veeam with half of TSM drive. which is 6 LTO 7 drives.

currenlty we are using IBM SKLM for drive encription which is running on AIX server. we are planning for some other OS..

So do we need to do any thing with Current SKLM to remove drive encryption and add with new windows SKLM server for veeam drives.

how to do slot and IO slot separation for new logical library.
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Thanks Mikey..

let me explain you completely

we are planning to move from TSM to veeam,

Current backup drives are configured with the SKLM aix server. we have planning to stop using aix too...

if I installed and configured sklm on windows can I add all 12 servers to new sklm server.. without doing any thing from the existing sklm server. ill it impacts backups. if we simply attached new sklm server in library console end.
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HI Mikey

could you pls let me know.. how to migrate. from aix to linux... my current version is sklm 2.7 can I migrate version and OS same time... from 2.7 to 4.0 and aix to linux
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have u had any issue while migrate. if you have migrated doc. ill you possible to share here
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I install SKLM in windows and created key group. Then created logical libray and removed 6 drives from OLD sklm. and new windows SKLM added with key path address. and alocated removed 6 drives in New SKLM. How to we confirm. new sklm providing Key to those 6 drives.