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TDPSQL meta object backup to disk pool and multiple management classes??


I am stuck in TDPSQL Configuration. currently, we add SQL server which I need to configure for backup.
my tdpsql on windows 2012 and tdpsql v 6.3 with ba client v 6.3.
iam trying to use lagacy backup method for backup and restore.

My requirement is :
1. Need to take daily full backup for 6 days with retention of 07 days.
2. Need to take weekly full backup and keep it for 02 months retention.
3. Nedd to take Monthly full backup and keep it for 02 years retention.
4. very Importantly i need to bind my meta object to different management class to send backup to disk pool. (documents says tdpsql.opt but dont know how to add the lines)
i don't know how and in which file bind it .... can anyone answer on these pls.

I did normal configuration with single management class for daily full backup. rest of the configuration I stuck.

pls reply.


Thanks alots trident.

as per i understand "you said to split data and meta data" i need to put the management class entry in tdpsql.opt file.

just one more question, as per my configuration, iam register three nodes for daily weekly and monthly backups policies for tdpsql with 3 mgmt classes for data and 3 mgmt classes for meta.(the meta and respective data mgmt has same vere value).

iam going to create 3 tdpsql.opt files for daily weekly and monthly backup policies.

Do i required to make 3 tdpsql.cfg files also? if yes what should be the changes should I put in different tdpsql.cfg files and how should i assign or bind these .cfg for each different backup respectively? for example (tdpsql_daily.opt + tdpsql_daily.cfg , tdpsql_weekly.opt + tdpsql_weekly.cfg)


TSM noob with 10 years expirience
ADSM.ORG Moderator

Without going down to the nitty gritty cli stuff

define dom mssql_[daily|week|month]
define mg data
define mg meta
define copy data ....ret=7
define copy meta ....ret=7
assign def mgmt data

Repeat for week and month.

Make 3 opt files,


Connectivity and such stuff

include \...\meta\...\* meta
include \...\data\...\* data
compression no
alwaycompress no



You should not need to make three tdpsql.cfg's
Add sqlcompression yes to this file (if using non dedup pools)


Dear , one strange issue,
i created the things as described above.
created meta management class as well as data management classes for weekly and monthly.
activate data mgmt classes in policy set. and keep meta managment class as it is.
after adding configuration in the tdpsql.opt file, getting below error:

ANS9989W Management class SQLMETA_W.MC specified on the INCLUDE
statement in tdpdsm_w.opt at line 71 does not exist.

i query tsm server and found that my management class policy set status is standard but not showing active.
should i need to activate it. because in a policy domain only one managment class should be active.

pls suggest.

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