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TDP_R3 RESTORE DDBB in other node

Discussion in 'Oracle' started by Rafita, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. Rafita

    Rafita New Member

    May 26, 2008
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    Hi all,

    My aim is to restore Production DDBB and SAP to other node and check if the backup I am doing is OK. My problem is that in the other node I have not access to the filespace /tdp /tdpmux so I can not restore from PRODUCTION to the new one.
    I am using brrestore, so i checked the way to do it with virtualnodename but only for files.... not TDP_r3

    I checked the way to export/import but it is slow and always it hangs in the process in TSM. So no way.

    I was thinking for one day to set up in the new machine, the same node name as production and do it.

    Is that idea right? I could do the rollback easily only activating the dsmc process in production and with backint setting up the password again?

    Is some of you have another idea, I will wondering .....

    Thanks in advance...

    All the best,


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