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TDP SQL configuration


We have recently migrated to IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1.4 and would like to configure TDP for SQL.
OS: Microsoft 2012 R2 64bit
IBM TDP Client: 08.01.0400
SQL version: MS SQL 2012 STD and ENT edition


We have ISP 8.1.4 installed and want to configure TDP for SQL backup. We have installed BA client and TDP for SQL from latest bundle. When tried to configure the same got failed. We followed the attached process but it won't work.



ADSM.ORG Moderator
I can't speak for the others, but I'm not downloading a .zip file from unknown source.

Can you explain the steps you took here and document the error(s) you got?


1) To take the backup of MS SQL Db’s we need to install TDP SQL software in the client machine along with BA Client software.
2) The default installation directory for BA Client is as below:
C:\program files\tivoli\tsm\baclient
3) The default installation directory for TDP SQL is as below:
C:\program files\tivoli\tsm\tdpsql
4) Types of backup in SQL:
FULL BACKUP: It always takes the full backup of DB.
DIFFERENTIAL BACKUP: It always takes backup of changes made to DB from last full backup to the most current state of the DB.
LOG BACKUP: It always takes the backup of transaction logs generated in the SQL Log file.
5) TSM Server Side configuration:
a) Initially we need to register two nodes in the TSM server. One node is for file system backup and second node is for SQL DB backup.
b) Use the below commands to register the nodes to the TSM Server.
Reg node nodename nodepassword domain=domainname userid=none
6) Client side configuration:
a) Initially we need to install BA Client Software in the client machine and once we install BA Client Software we will get a client configuration file in the default directory of BA Client i.e., “dsm.opt” .
b) We need to provide required entries into “dsm.opt” file for successful running of the BA client.
c) Now we need to install TDP SQL software in the client machine. And once we install TDP SQL software we can find the below configuration files in the default directory of TDPSQL as mentioned above.
d) We need to provide necessary entries in the “dsm.opt” file of TDP SQL node. In that we need to enter the node name as the SQL node name which we registered in the TSM Server.
e) Once done with the changes in “dsm.opt’ file of TDPSQL then we need to reset the password of the TDPSQL node. For that first we need to go to command prompt of windows server of client machine there we need to go the below directory:
f) And give the below command to change the password.
Tdpsqlc changepassword oldpassword newpassword confirmpassword
g) Once we have reset the password we can trigger the backup of SQLDB manually by using below commands. For that we need to login to the TDPSQL directory and use below commands.

For full backup:

Tdpsql backup * full

For Diff backup:

Tdpsql backup * diff

For Log Backup:

Tdpsql backup * log

h) If we want to schedule a backup for the SQL DB then initially we need to make some entries in the below TDPSQL configuration files:


i) We need to open “TDPSQLFULL.SMP” file make the following entries:

“TDPSQLC backup * full”

And then convert the file from “.SMP” format to “ CMD” format.

j) Repeat the same above step for differential and LOG backup using below commands:

k) For Differential: TDPSQL backup * diff

l) for LOG: TDPSQL backup * log

m) once we have made the required changes in the client configuration file of TDPSQL node then we need to schedule a scheduler service in the TSM Server by using below command:

define schedule domainname schedule name action=cmd objects=”location of TDPSQL.CMD” startdate=date starttime=hr: mm:ss duration=number durationunits=hours period=number periodunits=days/weeks/months/years

n) Then we need to associate the nodes to the TSM Server by using below command:

Define associate domainname schedulename nodename

o) Thus SQL DB backups are configured.

This was in that zip file but explain what issue your facing ?

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