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TDP For Domino incremental backups issue

Discussion in 'Domino' started by balaji419, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. balaji419

    balaji419 Active Newcomer

    Nov 17, 2017
    Likes Received:
    We have TDP Domino database backup backing an domino database installed in windows 2008 r2 and we have configured three types of backups for this node like daily,weekly and monthly. Daily will run incremental backup and monthly and weekly will run full database backup and we dont have any archive log backups enabled. This domino server has above 1500 databases. When daily incremental domino backups run it inspects all the databases but only backups 5-10 of the databases(all the database files are similar one getting backed up daily). but whereas When we check from the operating system end we could see lot of databases nsf files modified on that day(All those database files are similar) . Domino database has circular logging set, When we raised pmr support they said, its due to circular logging type all the database is not getting backed up.

    They gave two suggestions 1)To disable logging 2)To change logging mode to archive. But till now i didn't get why circular logging doesn't support incremental backups and why alone similar 5 database getting backed up daily(Whether DBIID plays any role here). Any one here faced similar issue or can anyone clear my doubts?

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