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TDP configuration for an Active/Active SQL2008 cluster

I have two SQl 2008 clusters running in Active/Active mode.

NODE_A1 and NODE_A2 comprise Cluster1 running SQL instance SQLA1 and SQLA2

I also have

NODE_B1 and NODE_B2 comprise Cluster2 running SQL instance SQLB1 and SQLB2

I can use the TDPSQL GUI to see all of the databases in SQLA1 from either NODE_A1 or NODE_A2 regardless of which node is active, but I cannot see SQLA2 from either node in the cluster also regardless of which is active.

Neither of the SQL instances on Cluster2 work in anyway.

How should I have my DSM.opt files, TDPSSQL.opt and shortcuts be configured?

Thanks for any guidance.


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
I did a little bit of work on this a while back...here's some config steps I have for multi-instance:

• Copy the tdpsql.smp file, creating one file per SQL instance on the node in the form tdpsql_<instance>.cfg
• Open a command shell in the TDPsql directory and run the TDPsql setup utility once per instance as follows:
    tdpsqlc set sqlserver=<server\instance> /configfile=tdpsql_<instance>.cfg

Code:         GUI Startup for multiple instances
It will be necessary to create additional shortcuts in the program menu, at least one per instance configured on the node. 
• Create a new shortcut per instance, named "SQL Client - GUI - <instance>" with the target set 
     "C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\TDPsql\tdpsql.exe" /configfile=tdpsql_<instance>.cfg

Thanks Tony,

I tried your suggestions, but had no luck. I am still able to ru8n TDP GUI for one instance but the second instance I get an error when trying to expand the SQL Server within the GUI ACO5424E

BUFFers     3
BUFFERSIze     1024
SQLAUTHentication     INTegrated
SQLBUFFers     0
SQLBUFFERSIze     1024
STRIPes     1
LOGFile     tdpsql-inventory.log
LOGPrune     30
MOUNTWaitfordata     Yes
DIFFESTimate     20
*****       Server     Database        BU Type    BU Dest   Management Class Name
VSSPOLICY   *          *               *          TSM       MC_TSM_1
VSSPOLICY   *          *               *          LOCAL     MC_LOCAL_1
VSSPOLICY   *          "Special DB"    *          TSM       MC_TSM_SPECIAL
VSSPOLICY   *          "special DB     *          LOCAL     MC_LOCAL_SPECIAL
VSSPOLICY   SQLSRV1    *               *          TSM       MC_TSM_2
VSSPOLICY   SQLSRV1    *               *          LOCAL     MC_LOCAL_2
LASTPRUNEDate     05/20/2010 08:58:56
LANGuage     ENU
My Shortcut for launching the GUI is
"C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\TDPSql\tdpsql.exe" /CONFIGfile=tdpsql-inventory.cfg

The only difference I can see is the text within the cfg files.
Last edited:


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
I think I've run into ACO5424 once before... it may be that you need to enable the named pipe communication method within the instance thats failing (this is the method that enables INTegrated SQLAUTHentication)

Hmm then again you're presumably able to get to the database using the commandline client? (tdpsqlc query sql /config=blah)
Thansk again Tony, I do have Named Pipes enabled. I haven't actually tried to use the command line.

I'm under a tight time crunch with this project, so I'll have to contact IBM support.

Thank you much

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