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Tape Path Off-line


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
I have a tape path that goes off-line nearly every day. If I turn it on-line, the drive works fine. Any suggestions as what this might be?

The Details: AIX v5 TSM v5.1 IBM 3494 library, 3590E drive, IBM stickered Brocade switches. The tape in question is one of six being shared with an AS/400, the others do not have this problem. This is a new installation, about 3 months old.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
When the drive goes offline, it says why TSM put it offline in the activity log.

Q Path (shows the path offline and when it went offline)

Q Actlog Begintime=(10 minutes before path went offline)

Actlog should tell you basicly why. I have the feeling it is when the AS/400 is accessing the drive and TSM attempts to aquire it. If you know the AS/400 uses a drive at a certian time, put it offline within TSM during that time. Admin schedules would work for this.



ADSM.ORG Senior Member
The activity log shows the tape path being polled and then taken off-line after about 25 minutes. We take the drives off-line before the AS/400 uses the drives and bring them back on-line when it completes. That part seems to work fine. I just can not figure out why TSM loses its connection to the drive when the drive is off-line to TSM. This could be a hardware problem, I just tought I would ask and see if anyone else has seen this problem.


ADSM.ORG Moderator

IF the TSM actlog doesn't show why the path goes into polling mode, then you might want to check at the library level. There is a library monitoring program that comes with ATLDD. What I do, since I have Tivoli TEC, is tell the monitoring program to write to a file and have TEC monitor that file for error conditions. You might want to try this:

mtevent -l /dev/lmcp0 > /usr/local/tsm/3494_monitor.out

(or use whatever file you want as output) It tells you about tape mounts, catagory changes, operator inverventions and the like.


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