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StorageTek L80 experiences - Autoclean anybody?


Dec 11, 2002
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I'm fairly new to the TSM/ADSM arena but want to share something I've learned today, hopefully others can benefit from it. This is about the new LTO library that a customer got, and while we recommend IBM LTO libraries (because we're satisfied with these...) he bought a STK L80. So we had to define a Storagetek library, no problem... we thought.

After connecting the lib to our AIX box, cfgmgr could find the IBM LTO drives but could not find the media changer.. :confused: Ok, so we defined the TSM mediachanger with the correct SCSI address and presto.. we have /dev/lb0. Great! So far... The techies from the installation company filled the library with 80 LTO tapes, we did a checkin and label and we had 80 LTO scratch tapes! :cool: OK again.

Next day we went on-site (the TSM system is on a remote location) and turned autoclean on the STK on, because the STK guy had not done it. Imported one cleaning volume and all was well, we thought. We went home, happy that we did a good job. In the mean time, the STK was running fine, creating new copypools on LTO to get rid of that old MP library.

Next day, we exported the new copypool and wanted to checkin new scratch using the cap.

Whatever we did, everything returned illegal element. Can't remember the right ANR, but it was something like:

<TABLE BORDER=0 ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH=85%><TR><TD><font class="pn-sub">Code:</font><HR></TD></TR><TR><TD><FONT class="pn-sub"><PRE> ANR9999D mmsscsi.c(7223): Invalid home slot address in inventory for library LIB_STKL80; vol=000709, slot=1079.


A search on AskTivoli suggested an AUDIT LIBRARY but that didn't work either. Same error message over and over again. I started to be somewhat unhappy... :cry: :cry: Time for caffeine!

Then, I saw the light :-o Caffeine 'clean' ed my sight!

When autoclean is turned on, the STK library reserves 2 slots, 1079 and 1080 for cleaning tapes. This means that you can have only 79! tapes in the L80 with autoclean turned on. Because we filled it with 80 before turning autoclean on, TSM already knew element 1079, which is an illegal element address IF YOU HAVE AUTOCLEAN ON :evil: :evil:

So we turned autoclean off, rebooted the library, removed scratch LTO tape from 1079 and.. stil had the same problem :oops:

The problem was that the library still wouldn't eat the 1079 address so we had to remove the scratch volume from the LIBVols... But you cannot do that!

A collegue came to help, saying that you could always delete the library and redefine to empty the LIBV for that library. And that did the trick! :) (ok, delete drives, delete lib, define lib, define drives... pfff)

So: If you have a new library, make sure to turn autoclean on first, then import the cleaning tapes, then fill it with scratch. Now, I enjoyed the exercise but earlier today I was .. at least not so happy... Hope this story can help somebody making the same mistake, or better, prevent you from making it! Also, taking your amount of caffeine on time also helps ;)



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