Still Running TSM 5.5 under z/OS


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Aug 4, 2015
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I am still running TSM 5.5 under z/OS. Obviously, it's out of support and has been for a long time. I'm looking to possibly bring up the latest server software under Linux, but have a quick question. Can I leave the data on z/OS, meaning still have active archiving being directed to my z/OS storage? The thought of moving all of the ARCHIVE data (well over 100 TB) to the Linux platform does not make my life any easier. Thanks in advance.
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You can leave the Archive data on the mainframe but don't expect any support from IBM if things go south!

I have done this in the past. Retention times kicked in so no worries on the mainframe after this.
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Thanks, Moon. Now that I know it's possible, can someone explain how the data is accessed? What does the Linux based TSM connect to the mainframe with, to access the storage logically? Is there some sort of agent running on z/OS that talks to the server running on Linux? Thanks again.
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The assumption is that you leave the mainframe as is and access archive data from the mainframe console.

Server-to- server connection will not work when you are running another OS to communicate with TSM on the mainframe.
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Perhaps, I'm not clear in my idea. I want to install TSM server 7.x on a Linux machine (not z/Linux). I would like the clients to talk to the TSM server running on Linux, but I would like the data to be directed to storage on the main frame. Using the main frame as just a repository for the data. This allows me to run the latest/greatest server software while, not having to do a massive data migration.
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Bummer. Thanks for your help.
Hey TSM on Linux x86 is iffy. why don't you switch to FDR UPSTREAM/RESORVIOR from Innovation data? its a hell of a lot cheaper than TSM and you can run it on zOS!