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Shipping and transporting media?


Oct 30, 2019
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This is not specifically a TSM question, as it applies only to the physical media itself (in this case LTO), but I thought maybe some folks here might have some experience with this or point me to relevant informational sources. If the moderators would prefer to move this thread to a different forum then by all means.

If you have to relocate a large quantity of media (several thousand) to a different geographic location (domestic, not overseas) then can this be safely shipped? Specifically, I'm speaking to the conveyance of the media. If so, is there a preferred courier service for this, and/or method of transport, assuming you cannot transport it yourself?

There are clearly concerns regarding temperature extremes, fluctuations and humidity with any media, but my experience has been limited to storing and accessing the media in a conventional, permanent, climate controlled environment -- no shipping. Any physical transport to/from an off-site location has always involved only a short duration by vehicle where the agents of misfortune could be controlled or at least mostly avoided. And such transport has always been limited to a small number of tapes per trip.

Now, I would think if the media was first shipped to you then it should survive being shipped again. But it didn't have any data on it originally, so it does make me nervous. Also, would it be X-rayed?

Perhaps, not all the media would have to be sent at the same time, thus affording some assurance or fall-back, but the on-site copy might also have to be moved at some point, too.

I would greatly appreciate any advice or sources of information that someone could point me to, aside from solely factory or vendor recommended specifications for media storage and/of operations.

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