Restore using client v7 from server 5.X


Oct 11, 2004
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I know 5.x :) Can I install the windows client v7 and restore files from a tsm server that's running 5.5 ?
TSM Client 5.5 supported the following -
Windows 2000 (all editions), Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 (all editions, 32 and 64 bit).

TSM Client version 7 does not support the above flavors of Windows.

IBM Spectrum Protect Client release 7.1 requirements, which is past End-of-Support (EOS)

If the above link no longer works.
  • Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 Server Core, all editions all SPs supported1 (Supported with versions 8.1.0 - 8.1.22)
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Server Core, all editions, all SPs supported2 (Supported with versions 8.1.0 - 8.1.22)
  • Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2016 Server Core, all editions(*)3
  • Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2019 Server Core, all editions(*)4 (Beginning with 8.1.7)
  • Windows Server 2022 and Windows Server 2022 Server Core, all editions(*)5 (Beginning with 8.1.13)
  • Windows 8.1, all editions, all SPs supported 6 (Supported with versions 8.1.0 - 8.1.22)
  • Windows 10, all editions except Mobile(*)
  • Windows 11, all editions except Mobile(*)(Beginning with 8.1.13)

You can attempt to install the TSM Client 7 on an unsupported flavor of Windows.
The results are unknown. It may or may not installed.

Note: If your able to install the TSM Client 7 on an unsupported flavor of Windows and establish a connection with the TSM Server 5.5, the client details will be refreshed in the TSM Server database.
Once the TSM Client information have been updated, will not be able to use the TSM Client 5.5. The TSM Server 5.5 will think that the client have been upgraded to version 7.
A higher version of the client can restore data backed up from a lower version of the client.
A lower version of the client can not restore data backed up from a higher version of the client.

I would export the node data and imported into another TSM Server 5.5, and then attempt the restore with the TSM Client 7.

Not sure what kind of files that you want to restore.
If its just a flat file, can use another TSM Client 7 that is hosted on another system and use the virtualnodename.
Once the file is restore, move it to the Windows system that you want.

ie: dsmc q ba -servername="TSM Server" -virtualnodename="ClientNodeName" -password=Node_Password

Good Luck,
Your best option (in terms of 100% compatibility) is to build a temporary VM with exactly same OS as it used to be and install exactly same version of BAclient as it used to be. Use 'q n xxxx f=D's to obtain this info.
If you do not know what is the password for the node.
Via the TSM Server command line issue update node node_name new_password

Good Luck,