resourceutilization parameter discrepancy?


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Oct 30, 2019
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I thought the resourceutilization setting was 1-10. but the following IBM document lists it as 1-100:

Also, the interactive Help for dsmc (version 8.1.9) likewise reports is as 1-100.

But the following IBM document suggests it has a max of 10:

[ Question ]
Does anyone know what the real max limit is? And if it is above 10 then what are the total number of consumer and producer threads that would result from number above 10?

The above document for optimizing multiple sessions lists a resourceutilzation value of 10 as having 8 maximum sessions and 4 unique producer sessions, so according to their formula, this would yield 4 (8-4=4) consumer threads, and this is the max in their table. Is the 1-100 a typo?

[ Question ]
Their table has 0 (default) at the bottom, with the same number of maximum sessions (2) and unique producer sessions (1) as the default of 2. So by "0 (default)" are they saying that if you set this to 0 then it yields the same effect as the default value of 2? The IBM document on this parameter says that the default is 2, thus the question. Seems a little vague since it almost sounds like they're saying that the default is 0.