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Replication not starting


Hi all,

replicate node between 2 servers (Source-Server 7.1.9, Target Server 8.1.5) is not working correctly (or at all)

After issuing "replicate node <nodename>" it opens 3 Sessions using the correct SSL certificate. So far so good.

Unfortunately the process never starts to transmit actual data.

792,505 SSL IdleW 50S 25.3K 1.1K Server Windows <TARGET-SERVER>
792,506 SSL IdleW 22.9M 877 534 Server Windows <TARGET-SERVER>
792,507 SSL IdleW 22.9M 583 312 Server Windows <TARGET-SERVER>

As you can see, in the 23 minutes the sessions are open, TSM only transmitted around 2kb of data (probably metadata?)

The ActivityLog shows no errors, only notifications that the sessions are beeing opened and are using SSL Certificates:

02/18/2019 14:51:49 ANR2017I Administrator SYSADEB issued command: REPLICATE NODE uglca02 (SESSION: 790366)

02/18/2019 14:51:49 ANR0984I Process 1764 for Replicate Node started in the BACKGROUND at 14:51:49. (SESSION: 790366, PROCESS: 1764)

02/18/2019 14:51:49 ANR2110I REPLICATE NODE started as process 1764. (SESSION:790366, PROCESS: 1764)

02/18/2019 14:51:49 ANR8592I Session 790407 connection is using protocol TLSV12, cipher specification TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_GCM_SHA384, certificateTSM Self-Signed Certificate. (SESSION: 790366, PROCESS: 1764)

02/18/2019 14:51:49 ANR0408I Session 790407 started for server UGLBKP02 (Windows) (SSL) for replication. (SESSION: 790366, PROCESS: 1764)

Any ideas from the experts here?



Here we have the result from today night. Replication was started on 02/18/2019 14:41:49

02/19/2019 03:01:07 ANR3192I Replicate Node: Proxy agent nodes replicated: 0 of 0 identified. Associated authorized nodes replicated: 0 of 0 identified. Client option sets replicated: 0 of 0 identified. (SESSION: 790366, PROCESS: 1765)

02/19/2019 03:01:07 ANR0327I Replication of node UGLCA02 completed. Files current: 1. Files replicated: 0 of 688. Files updated: 0 of 0. Files deleted: 0 of 0. Amount replicated: 0 bytes of 745 GB. Amount transferred: 0 bytes. Elapsed time: 0 Days, 11 Hours, 52 Minutes. (SESSION: 790366, PROCESS: 1765)

02/19/2019 03:01:07 ANR0987I Process 1765 for Replicate Node running in the BACKGROUND processed 1 items with a completion state of FAILURE at 03:01:07. (SESSION: 790366, PROCESS: 1765)

So after ~12 hours the process finished with failure. No data has been transmitted to the replication target server.


I found the problem.

The node was in DEFAULT policy domain, which already existed on the target server.
To replicate nodes, you need to have the same policyset and mgmtclasses on source- and targetserver.

Can be closed.

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