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Removing old volumes and libvolumes

Discussion in 'TSM Operation' started by maxeaves, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. maxeaves

    maxeaves New Member

    May 10, 2011
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    Dear all,

    I'm rather struggling with this issue: I've got a 'rogue' process that is currently gobbling up all my scratch tapes. It is a tape migration job from an old library that I managed to export all of the data off, and I no longer need this library.

    The library [or lack of it] is called i2klib.

    Okay: the dud process:

    91 Space Reclamation Volume 000011 (storage pool CRTHRI2KLIBC), Moved
    Files: 0, Moved Bytes: 0, Unreadable Files: 0,
    Unreadable Bytes: 0. Current Physical File
    (bytes): 84,515,636,969 Waiting for mount of
    scratch volume (10894 seconds).

    I've done a cancel pr 91 - and it obviously [as its TSM] just sits there trying to do nothing - other than eat my scratch tapes - for a different storage pool. I know my scratch tapes are being gobbled, because I am getting the following error:

    [repeated about lots of times]
    02/04/12 17:40:07 ANR8355E I/O error reading label for volume 104222 in
    drive TAPE03_PRIM (/dev/IBMtape6). (PROCESS: 91)


    select count(*) from libvolumes where library_name='SPECTRA_PRIM' and status='Scratch'
    returns 0 - when there used to be 87 tapes there!

    Now to the library:

    000011 CRTHRI2KLIBC I2KLIB 804.7 G 41.7 Full

    The device class I2KLib hasn't existed for donkey's and the storage pool is no longer used:

    a 'q stgpool' shows the following:

    CRTHRI2KLIBC I2KLIB 7,746,359 3.7 G

    CRTHRI2KLIB_OLD I2KLIB 0.0 M 0.0 0.0 90 70 CRTHRPRIM

    So - lets try to bin these two storage pools first:


    ANR4738E DELETE STGPOOL: Storage pool CRTHRI2KLIBC is in use as a copy storage pool by one or more other storage pools.
    ANS8001I Return code 13.

    ANR2382E DELETE STGPOOL: Storage pool CRTHRI2KLIB_OLD still contains at least one volume.
    ANS8001I Return code 13.

    Okay - I've now got to the limit of my knowledge here; how do I untangle this?

    Could somebody give me some pointers please?


  3. moon-buddy

    moon-buddy Moderator

    Aug 24, 2005
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    Electronics Engineer, Security Professional
    Somewhere in the US

    1. Delete filespace from nodes that you don't need
    2. Delete the volumes which the filespaces from (1) above belong to (after deleting all the filespaces)
    3. Delete the stgpool that house the volumes from (2) above

    If you had covered ALL node files in (1) above, and the filespaces are all in the volumes on (2) above and in the storage pool on (3) , then the deletion will proceed without issues.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2012

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