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Query Session output missing client name for some sessions

Has anybody seen this before? SHOW SESSION [session#] command also does not have a node name for the session, and I don't see anything in the actlog about the session either.

tsm: TSMSERVER>q se

Sess Comm. Sess Wait Bytes Bytes Sess Platform Client Name
Number Method State Time Sent Recvd Type
------ ------ ------ ------ ------- ------- ----- -------- --------------------
22,318 Tcp/Ip IdleW 2.6 H 18.7 K 1.5 K Node WinNT NODE1
22,322 Tcp/Ip RecvW 0 S 2.2 K 375.8 G Node WinNT NODE1
22,455 Tcp/Ip IdleW 2.0 H 63.9 K 770 Node WinNT NODE 2
22,456 Tcp/Ip RecvW 0 S 1.6 K 577.1 G Node WinNT NODE 2
22,495 Tcp/Ip IdleW 49.6 M 8.7 K 1.5 K Node WinNT NODE1
22,497 Tcp/Ip RecvW 0 S 1.4 K 195.2 G Node WinNT NODE1
22,504 Tcp/Ip RecvW 0 S 1.4 K 192.9 G Node WinNT NODE1
22,512 Tcp/Ip RecvW 0 S 1.4 K 189.6 G Node WinNT NODE1
22,559 Tcp/Ip IdleW 1.1 H 9.1 K 473 Admin AIX Admin 2
22,606 Tcp/Ip IdleW 1.6 M 15.0 M 3.3 K Node WinNT NODE 3
22,615 Tcp/Ip RecvW 0 S 3.0 K 201.2 G Node WinNT NODE 3
23,510 Tcp/Ip IdleW 23.5 M 0 0 Node <<< No client name
23,545 Tcp/Ip IdleW 3.4 M 0 0 Node <<< No client name
23,550 Tcp/Ip Run 0 S 9.7 K 259 Admin AIX Admin 1



ADSM.ORG Moderator
When you search the actlog for the session, omit the comma, example:
q ac search=23545
If it's been a while, you might need to use begindate and begintime to expand the search.


TSM noob with 10 years expirience
ADSM.ORG Moderator
I think those are like telnet connections. Typically from nagios and other monitoring systems.

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