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Quantum i6000 cannot open path


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
Our i2k was just upgraded to an i6k, and after doing so, I cannot bring up paths to the library.

ANR8840E Unable to open device /dev/tsmscsi/lb0 with error number 255 and PVRRC 2813.
ANR2032E DEFINE PATH: Command failed - internal server error detected.
ANR9999D Thread<150> issued message 2032 from:
ANR9999D Thread<150> 0x00000000de7a0a outTextf
ANR9999D Thread<150> 0x000000009ed95d PvrTranslateResult
ANR9999D Thread<150> 0x000000009d1bb4 pvrUpdateLibrary
ANR9999D Thread<150> 0x00000000987526 naDefinePath
ANR9999D Thread<150> 0x000000005905db AdmDefinePath
ANR9999D Thread<150> 0x000000004eb91e AdmCommandLocal
ANR9999D Thread<150> 0x000000004ecb6e admCommand
ANR9999D Thread<150> 0x00000000cb0aea SmAdminCommandThread
ANR9999D Thread<150> 0x00000000e85b2a StartThread
ANR9999D Thread<150> 0x00003a5a4064a7 *UNKNOWN*
ANR9999D Thread<150> 0x00003a5a0d3c2d *UNKNOWN*
ANS8001I Return code 15

OS RHEL 5.6 64bit
TSM was 6.3.3 which I updated, including the tsmscsi drivers, to 6.3.6. Still out of support, but - to go to 7.1 will require an OS update, and 8.1 OS and memory, so I started by bringing it up as far as I could.
The error 15 translates to "block device required", which makes no sense when connecting to a character device. IBM's got nothing for a failure involving that particular return code, nor that PVRRC. Quoting the whole error brings three irrelevant google results. The raw devices belong to the instance , and the tsmscsi directory is world-readble/scannable.

This may be as simple as the i6k was never supported by tsm 6, but I'm hoping someone else has seen this before and has a workaround.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
do you even need the tsmscsi driver? No experience with Quantum libraries (concurrently with TSM/ISP) - but our Overland libraries work with native "sg" driver.
To have path persistency I have created an udev rule so my libraries and drives always create /dev/driveX or /dev/libraryY device (which is always a link to /dev/sgZ) - where X and Y stay the same and Z is changing - but the udev takes care of the links.
Another idea is to use "product emulation" - as far as I know you can change it on the partition level with Quantum libraries - i6000 should be able to emulate i500 at least.
Hope it helps

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