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Problem with Operations center after upgrade.


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
Operations center been working good but latest fix should fix the constant refresh on webpages so installed these last week.

Installed server 8.1.1 on two Windows 2012 R2 servers, no problems, and also Operations center 8.1.1 on another Windows 2012 R2 server. Now I lose connection again and again. At the moment only got my Hub server. Spoke server 8.1.1 and old server 7.1 lose connection over and over.

On Hub server I can see these:

ANR0530W Transaction failed for session 11632 for node SPECTRUMSERVER2 (Windows) - internal server error detected. (SESSION: 11632)

Followed by: ANR9999D Thread<99> issued message 486 from:

And also

ANR0530W Transaction failed for session 11633 for node OLDSERVER2 (Windows) - internal server error detected.

Other Changes around this time was that another old TSM server was removed as a spoke server. But when I start Operations center from browser I can see a lot of old references to old stuff but they disappear after a while. But next time I log in their back again.


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
Also got this at one occasion when logging into Operations center:
ANRG0183I The Operations Center changed the monitoring configuration of the hub server to resolve a problem. Spoke server settings were not changed, so you must ensure that any spoke servers are configured correctly.

Restarted the Initial configuration by removing server.properties file and set a new password and updated the IBM-OC admin account on all servers.

But this just keep repeating itself...

11:49:53 ANR1990I Remote monitoring started for server SPECTRUM-SPOKE.
11:49:53 ANR1990I Remote monitoring started for server TSMSERVER2.
11:51:13 ANR0530W Transaction failed for session 13713 for node TSMSERVER2 (Windows) - internal server error detected.
11:51:13 ANR1991I Remote monitoring ended for server TSMSERVER2.
11:51:13 ANR0486W Session 13713 for node TSMSERVER2 (Windows) terminated - internal error detected.
11:51:13 ANR9999D Thread<96> issued message 486 from:
11:51:13 ANR9999D Thread<96> 7ffe3376ebc8 outMsgfTrFL()+38
11:51:13 ANR9999D Thread<96> 7ffe33575aed smServClose()+2ed
11:51:13 ANR9999D Thread<96> 7ffe3358f940 RemSrvMonThread()+1220
11:51:13 ANR9999D Thread<96> 7ffe32cf79d1 startThread()+141
11:51:13 ANR9999D Thread<96> 7ffe378d4f7f beginthreadex()+107
11:51:13 ANR9999D Thread<96> 7ffe378d5126 endthreadex()+192
11:51:13 ANR9999D Thread<96> 7ffe3f6516ad BaseThreadInitThunk()+d
11:51:13 ANR9999D Thread<96> 7ffe41c64629 RtlUserThreadStart()+1d
11:51:13 ANR0530W Transaction failed for session 13712 for node SPECTRUM-SPOKE(Windows) - internal server error detected.
11:51:13 ANR1991I Remote monitoring ended for server SPECTRUM-SPOKE.
11:51:13 ANR0486W Session 13712 for node SPECTRUM-SPOKE (Windows) terminated - internal error detected.
11:51:13 ANR9999D Thread<10> issued message 486 from:
11:51:13 ANR9999D Thread<10> 7ffe3376ebc8 outMsgfTrFL()+38
11:51:13 ANR9999D Thread<10> 7ffe33575aed smServClose()+2ed
11:51:13 ANR9999D Thread<10> 7ffe3358f940 RemSrvMonThread()+1220
11:51:13 ANR9999D Thread<10> 7ffe32cf79d1 startThread()+141
11:51:13 ANR9999D Thread<10> 7ffe378d4f7f beginthreadex()+107
11:51:13 ANR9999D Thread<10> 7ffe378d5126 endthreadex()+192
11:51:13 ANR9999D Thread<10> 7ffe3f6516ad BaseThreadInitThunk()+d
11:51:13 ANR9999D Thread<10> 7ffe41c64629 RtlUserThreadStart()+1d


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
Anyone know how settings should look on Hub and Spoke server? Looks different on each server for me now...messy.

Guessing it should be like this?!




Monitoring Admin: IBM-OC-SPECTRUM-SERVER???
Monitored Group: ???
Monitored Servers: ???


Is there a known solution or work-around for this O.C problem ?
We have followed this http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21963240
and restarted the O.C service (on a Windows 2012 R2 server)

We experience the same problem while trying to delete old alerts on a spoke server.

We updated the O.C to 8.1.1 at 3 weeks ago and it worked normally then but this problem occured on Friday (3 Days ago).

Thanks for a answer.


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