Poor performance backup


May 22, 2019
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I have a poor backup performance with many nodes, the network department told me that all is Ok, but I have slowly backups with this error....

Node: Windows Server 2012 R2. API TDP DB2 v7.1.2
Server: ISP v 8.1.13

06/03/2022 06:02:21 ANS0361I DIAG: sessSendVerb: Error sending Verb, rc: -50
06/03/2022 06:26:27 ANS0361I DIAG: cuConfirm: Received rc: -50 trying to receive ConfirmResp verb
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If you get these rc50 during backup, have a look at the serverside actlog to see if any weird things are happening there.
PREDATAR Control23

The RC 50 means that there was a communication error that caused the socket to be dropped.

From an application perspective, the network starts as soon as it hits the TCPIP stack on the source system until it leaves the TCPIP stack on the target system. Most network departments start with the network cable on the back on the machine. The OS logs on the SP client and the SP server machines may provide you with some clues if the issue is on either machine.

You could do a simple test for the network, on the Windows machine, do a ping test to the SP server:
ping -n 200 -l 65500 {SP_ip_address}
- n 200 means it will do 200 pings
-l 65500 means it will use the maximum buffer size of 65500 bytes

If some of the requests time out, it means it took more than 4 seconds for the round trip. It should come back in the tens of milliseconds on a local network.