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Offsite volumes reclamation in Daily Maintenance Script

Discussion in 'TSM Operation' started by matod7, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. matod7

    matod7 New Member

    Oct 7, 2011
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    TSM Admin. / Unix Admin.
    Argentina, Buenos Aires
    Hello comunity from Argentina , this is my first post . I´m the only TSM admin of my company, and I started from zero since the installation about 1 year ago. Our arch. is a tsm 6.2.1 Server on AIX 6.1 (P520 Series) and a TS3310 Lib. with 4 drives (just for let you know).
    Since the installation and first run, the use of this plataform grows a lot, from 10 clients to 150, adding db backups an lotus notes db bkps. I Use three disk pools (backupdiskpool, archdiskpool, sqldiskpool) . At 5 am , the maintenance script backups the disks pool to copy tape (LTO4) pools (bkpcopytapepool, archcopytapepool and sqlcopytapepool) , after this, disks storage pools migrate to tape pools (bkptapepool, archtapepool, sqltapepool) .The 3 copytapepools goes to a vault, as DRM , with a copy of dbbackup.
    We started to reclaim offsite volumes each day, operators run a script i created for this. My cuestion , to avoid operators of running this script is if i can put the reclamation of offsite volumes in the server maintenance script, an also put the last line off the script for unload mountable drm volumes to the in/out slots of library. I dont know if this is a good practice.

    Thank you all ...


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